The Frandent company is located in Osasco (TO), a small town near Pinerolo, and since 1977 is specialized in the production of agricultural machines and in particular power harrows, tedder spreaders and rotary rakes. In 2006 Frandent started to work in a new plant and introduced considerable innovations in the production process and in energy management in a "susteinable" way.


Regarding to the production process, Frandent operates a Lean Production system: a method of organization of production based on the just-in-time, producing only when the customer needs, and on the elimination of any type of waste.The application of this method in Frandent has several implications:first, the layout of the plant allows the production process to follow a liner route, second, robotised welding island ensure higher quality in conditions of total safety for the operators and, at last, the elimination of stock that is managed through a vertical authomatic warehouse designed to reduce the waste in terms of square meters.

In period of great changes in the international competition, wars for non-renewable resources and serious environmental crisis to be focused on policies of reduction of wastes and use of renewable resources is a first step to the indipendence from dangerous reality for us and for the environment where we live.