ARGO TRACTORS is one of the companies belonging to the Argo Group and was established in 2007 with the intention of creating a tractor manufacturing undertaking of worldwide importance. With a production capacity of more than 22,000 tractors manufactured and marketed under the Landin, McCormick and Valpadana brands, Argo Tractors is one of the most important players in the western world. The company mission is to design , manufacture and deliver tractors having the trade- marks Landini, McCormick and Valpadana.

We want to be amongst the leaders in Europe and one of the world’s most important players in the agricultural tractor designing, manufacturing and marketing business. Our strength lies in the experience of a long tradition, the foundation on which our skills and innovative acumen are based, and that now allows us to offer a technologically pioneering product plus an excellent service able to facilitate the work of our end customers and make it increasingly more profitable”.

Presently the company is involved in a Tractor Management project addressed to high performance tractors dealing with data processing of signals measured by tractor sensors and their delivering to local and remote displays.